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We’re about halfway through the World Series Of Poker and after getting eliminated on day 2, I took a few days off to see exactly what happened and what I could have done differently. It’s not always easy to do as sometimes you think you have made the right call, folded the right hands or raised at the right time. For me, the mistake was a bad bluff that cut down half of my stack in one hand only. Here’s how it played out:

I got KK pre-flop and someone else before me raises 2.5x the big blind. I 3-bet to 6x the big blind and everybody fold but the other guy who raised first. He just calls. Here’s where I made a mistake. The flops come Qd, 7h and 3c. He checks, I put a huge bet of 66% of the pot and he raises that. At this point, I should’ve known that he had QQ and/or AA. I knew I was beat but I still decide to make the call. A 10 of clubs comes on the turn. he checks and I check. 2h on the river. No straight or flush possible. The only hands that beat me are two pairs or a set. He check again and I place a small bet, only 33% of the pot. He raises all in. At this point, I know I’m probably beat but I still have to make the call as I’m already pot committed. I call. BAM! QQ. Here goes my World Series of Poker main event and my $10 000 buy-in.

That’s a rookie mistake. I play a lot of poker and mistakes like that should not happen, especially not when you’re playing against pros in the most coveted poker event of the year. I went straight back to my room, feeling guilty about the loss but also bad because I still want to play poker and there was no more tournament. I like to play online poker as well, but sites like Party Poker and Pokerstars are just full of idiots and fish and for some reasons, I can’t get lucky over there. I lose the hands that I am supposed to win and also loses the hands where I am the underdog. Basically, I loses all the time. There’s one only poker online site where I do good and it’s called I found this site from when I visited Indonesia, there was this guy that was playing on it and we talked for about an hour and a half on strategy and how people play on poker1one. I found the site pretty cool and decided to sign up. That was what? 6 month ago? and now I’m well over $20 000 in profit!

I’m done for now. I need work on my poker1one cashier so I can give another go next year to the World Series of Poker main event! We never know, maybe next time will be my lucky day and I will win this!