How to Eliminate and Prevent Beard Dandruff – Tips By

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Whether you want to admit it or not, beard dandruff exists, and if you’re too proud to mention this to someone else, we have this article here to help you rid yourself of beard dandruff quietly. Robert Brown from said “Even some of the most luxurious and lustrous beards out there deal with issues such as drying and beard dandruff”. Thankfully, there are answers you can take advantage of. While the beard may be beautiful, the dry skin underneath is the culprit for the flakes of dandruff you may see. Here are just a few tips on how to eliminate and reduce the amount of beard dandruff you see within your beard.

Make Sure to Exfoliate

According to Robert Brown, one of the most important things you can do in order to reduce and prevent beard dandruff is to exfoliate your beard with a brush. If you aren’t keen into being high-maintenance, you may be wondering, “what the heck is that?” In short, exfoliating is typically the second step in a beard and skin care regimen; however, if you want to reduce dandruff, you’ll want to perform this step first and then step into your shower to help clean everything off – like the dry skin underneath your beard. Just because there is hair laying on top now, doesn’t mean you should be neglecting the skin underneath. After all, without the healthy skin and hair follicles underneath, your beard will not and wouldn’t be as beautiful.

Cleansing the Skin with a Lactic-Acid Cleanser

Next, Robert Brown from said you should look into a lactic-acid cleanser to ensure that you’re cleansing well. Even though it sounds like it’ll hurt your skin, it actually won’t, and it encourages the dead skin to fall off and soothe your smooth skin. You can also use these on harsher areas of your body like your feet and even your hands if you’re someone who uses them a lot and suffers from dry skin. As for your beard, using this with a brush will remove the ready to flake skin away from your beard and face, and will then remove the rest of the dead skin from underneath your beard. You’ll want to perform this step while you’re in the shower, post-beard lather. Make sure to wash it all off! Always make sure you purchase something that you’re NOT allergic to!

Don’t Forget About the Beard Oil

You may have heard your friends talking about specific oils that they use on their face. Thankfully, oil is a much better alternative to moisturizer, as moisturizer can become too goopy and may miss spots within your beard. They don’t work as well with beard brush bristles, either, so oil is the way to go since it’s sleeker and better to run through. Oils come with a plethora of antioxidant and moisturizing properties, as well as natural oils for keeping your face hydrated even if you miss a few days. It’s worth mentioning that typically, oils like this can help your beard hair become more moisturized and softer. If you suffer from dry and coarse beard hair with rogue strays, finding the best oil may be something you should look towards. If you’re wondering how to apply, it depends entirely on the oil you purchase, but generally it will come down to your beard length. For short beards, you’ll want two pumps, and three pumps for larger beards. You’ll want to comb this oil through, but make sure to distribute evenly.

The End

Ultimately, you’ll want to find a perfect beard regimen to help reduce your beard dandruff, as well as product that work perfectly with your plump and legendary beard. Always make sure to take care of the skin underneath your beard and you’ll see almost an immediate decrease in the dandruff that floats around in your beard. Remember, you should also know that when you’re able to treat and keep the hair follicles underneath healthy, your beard will grow a bit more naturally because of the encouragement of health. Beyond this, you’ll see that your overall beard hair is much cleaner, smoother, and will glisten like it should have been in the first place. Without the hair follicles underneath performing as best as they can, your beard wouldn’t be where it is today, and like it will be in the future.