Are You Pregnant? You Need To Read This Site

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Every parent wants the best for their kid, it’s only natural. However, knowing what is best is not always natural. And what is best for one family, may not be the best for another. For example, a kid with a soy allergy definitely shouldn’t eat any soy, but for a kid without any type of soy allergy, soy can be a good source of additional protein. The sheer volume of responsibility may be very overwhelming, and when you need a helping hand, and no one is around, Baby Care Mentor is there for you. – A Site You Must Read is a site designed specifically to help parents, new and veterans. Baby Care Mentor offers great advice from friendly faces you can trustĀ because they care. I recently reached out to a contributor for the site to ask them why they do what they do.

“Babies are a gift from God. So many people are uninformed on what exactly it takes to raise a baby. And everyone, even parents who already have 2 or 3 kids, can use a little help every now and then.”

Her words really resonated with meĀ and made me think about when I was pregnant. It was a very stressful experience and I wish I would’ve had a website like Baby Care Mentor to help guide me along the way.

Friends and family are great, but they will often times push their own ideas and theories on you instead of just unbiased facts. And that’s exactly what mine were doing, but they were all telling me different things.

“Don’t stop breastfeeding before she’s 1 year old.”

“You should stop breastfeeding after she gets a tooth.”

“You’ll spoil her if you pick her up as soon as she cries.”

“She’ll hate you when she’s older if you let her cry it out.”

It got really confusing and overwhelming, but it was a problem I had to learn to deal with. With Baby Care Mentor, that problem is pretty much nonexistent. Baby Care Mentor provides you with solid, clear advice that doesn’t overwhelm you. And, because they know every family is different, instead of directly telling you what to do, they give guiding advice. It is never a “do this or your kid will be messed up” kind of tone. Instead it’s a really friendly, helpful tone.

Whether you are unaware of how to do something, like pick the best day care, or you need to know how different brands of diapers compare to one another, you can find it at They have such a wide array of content that it is hard not to get lost on their site for hours. No matter what age your kid is, there is something for you on the site. They guide you from birth through the toddler stage, and throughout most of their childhood.

A really cool part of the site is how well it is broken up. It is broken into 5 main sections, and most of them have subsections, making it even easier to find exactly what you are looking for. So, instead of wasting time searching or aimlessly browsing, you can go right to the section you want.

Personally, my favorite part of the site is that it works perfectly on mobile. I am not always near my computer, but I always have my phone on me so it is super easy to pull up. This comes in handy when you are trying to feed a squirmy baby without sending food flying all over the place. It is very easy to navigate on your smartphone, so if you keep it bookmarked, you can pull it up in just a few seconds and find what you need.

Although they do not actually sell anything directly on the site, or have any products, they always link out to the products they recommend. This is also extremely helpful, because if you are interested in one of the products they recommend, instead of having to search for the product you want on the vast internet, you you can just click on the link and get to it directly. I find it really helpful when I can find what I want right away, rather than searching and wondering if it’s the same model or the exact same product from the site.

Overall, Baby Care Mentor can be extremely helpful, and can even make an improvement on your life. With a small child on your hands all day, any kind of improvement is surely welcome.