4 Things You Need to Buy to Play Outdoor Basketball

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Basketball is a fantastic sport that utilizes the skill of the player, but without the right (and comfortable) accessories, you won’t be seeing your performance at its best. In this article, you’ll see the four things you’ll need to successfully and comfortably play outdoor basketball.

The Perfect Shoes

Without the best outdoor basketball shoe, you’ll see a drop in your performance, as indoor shoes cannot withstand the constant impact of your weight versus the outdoor basketball court terrain. Outdoor shoes have a heavier midsole and are more well ventilated than indoor shoes because of the overall environment. While indoor shoes may have some sort of ventilation, it’s not meant to withstand your body heat versus the environment temperature and the humidity. Controlled environments inside with minimal heat and friction generally need less ventilation. When you bring an indoor pair outdoors, you run the risk of burning through that pair rather quickly. Beyond this, you’ll want to be able to move as best as you can, and using indoor shoes for an outdoor game isn’t going to cut it.

The Right Pair of Shorts

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t be wearing skinny jeans while trying to beat your opponent on the court – whether indoors or outdoors. Without the right pair of shorts, you may not be able to move as best as you can, and you also may not be as well ventilated as you’d like. Having a breathable pair of basketball shorts that aren’t tight will allow your thighs, knees, and calves to move as best as they can, all while remaining cool and having a bit of ventilation. Those that play outdoors will need ventilation so they are comfortable throughout the entirety of the game. When people say, “dress for success” they aren’t just talking about a job interview; they’re talking about sports, too. If you have sportswear that becomes troublesome, your performance takes a dip as you become self-conscious, as well as uncomfortable.

A Fancy and Comfortable Tank Top

Did you think we were going to skip the need for a comfortable tank top? Tops are just as important as shorts and shoes, and without the proper tank, you won’t be able to throw those game-winning shots. Being unable to make those shots means you’re mostly dead weight and not performing as best as you could be. A breathable fabric will also allow for the optimal amount of ventilation so you won’t be sweating cats and dogs through the entirety of your game. When you sweat too much, you become far too uncomfortable, and when you have a material that sticks to you while sweating, you won’t be able to concentrate nearly as much as you should be able to.

Of Course, the Correct Ball

We understand if you only have one ball at the time, but for outdoor basketball, the material used within each ball makes the difference – and without using the proper ball, your game may suffer and it may be harder to make those shots worth shooting. Indoor basketballs are typically composed of a type of full-grain leather, and outdoor basketballs are generally made of some type of leather (or even a composite material) to ensure durability on rougher terrain. When you use an indoor ball outdoors, you’ll be able to see a dip in performance after one game, and you’ll notice you’ll need to replace your ball much quicker. Unlike their indoor counterparts, outdoor basketballs don’t require a break-in period, either. If you’re wondering, outdoor balls are generally heavier because of the composite materials and the durability of said material.