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Poker, Poker, Poker

We’re about halfway through the World Series Of Poker and after getting eliminated on day 2, I took a few days off to see exactly what happened and what I could have done differently. It’s not always easy to do as sometimes you think you have made the right call, folded the right hands or raised at the right time. For me, the mistake was a bad bluff that cut down half of my stack in one hand only. Here’s how it played out:

I got KK pre-flop and someone else before me raises 2.5x the big blind. I 3-bet to 6x the big blind and everybody fold but the other guy who raised first. He just calls. Here’s where I made a mistake. The flops come Qd, 7h and 3c. He checks, I put a huge bet of 66% of the pot and he raises that. At this point, I should’ve known that he had QQ and/or AA. I knew I was beat but I still decide to make the call. A 10 of clubs comes on the turn. he checks and I check. 2h on the river. No straight or flush possible. The only hands that beat me are two pairs or a set. He check again and I place a small bet, only 33% of the pot. He raises all in. At this point, I know I’m probably beat but I still have to make the call as I’m already pot committed. I call. BAM! QQ. Here goes my World Series of Poker main event and my $10 000 buy-in.

That’s a rookie mistake. I play a lot of poker and mistakes like that should not happen, especially not when you’re playing against pros in the most coveted poker event of the year. I went straight back to my room, feeling guilty about the loss but also bad because I still want to play poker and there was no more tournament. I like to play online poker as well, but sites like Party Poker and Pokerstars are just full of idiots and fish and for some reasons, I can’t get lucky over there. I lose the hands that I am supposed to win and also loses the hands where I am the underdog. Basically, I loses all the time. There’s one only poker online site where I do good and it’s called I found this site from when I visited Indonesia, there was this guy that was playing on it and we talked for about an hour and a half on strategy and how people play on poker1one. I found the site pretty cool and decided to sign up. That was what? 6 month ago? and now I’m well over $20 000 in profit!

I’m done for now. I need work on my poker1one cashier so I can give another go next year to the World Series of Poker main event! We never know, maybe next time will be my lucky day and I will win this!

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swimming pool cleaning tips

How to Take Care of Your Pool

As any pool owner knows, keeping up with the maintenance is hard work. If you do not yet own a pool, you should definitely take into consideration the amount of responsibility that comes with owning a pool, along with the added costs. For some people, the costs of maintenance on top of the initial cost of the pool is just too much, and I can’t say I blame them.

If you do decide to get a pool, you’ll have totally different summers, and make memories for years to come. But in order for that to happen, it is crucial that you know how to take care of your pool. First, I will list everything you will need for your pool maintenance, and then I’ll go over the maintenance process for both in season and off season.


  • pH testing strips
  • Chlorine testing strips
  • Alkalinity test strips
  • Pool net
  • Pool brush
  • Chemical adjustors
  • Chemical shock
  • Pool cleaner
  • Sanitizers

In Season

  • 2 times per week, check your pool’s pH levels. The optimum pH is 7.5, but anywhere between 7.4 and 7.6 is okay. The optimum chlorine levels are 1.0 to 3.0 ppm. Also test the alkalinity and hardness of your pool.
  • Thoroughly clean your pool weekly. It is important to clean your pool at least once a week to eliminate dirt, debris, and other contaminants. A pool full of debris isn’t nearly as fun to swim in, and it can be damaging to your pool.
  • Weekly, add large amounts of chlorine to your pool to “shock” the water and kill algae. After shocking the water, do not swim in the pool for at least 24 hours, high levels of chlorine are extremely dangerous. This only has to be done once a week or maybe once every 10 days. It isn’t something you should be doing every day, or even every other day because then you’d never be able to actually swim in your pool.

Off Season

  • If you are a new pool owner, purchase a sturdy pool cover. If you live in a place with harsh winters, you’ll want an extremely durable one that will be able to withstand those harsh winters.
  • Put the cover on your pool. It should fit tightly and feel secure around your pool.
  • If you are a veteran pool owner, at the beginning of the off season, inspect your pool cover for cracks or damage before you cover your pool. A damaged pool cover is pretty much useless and will only get more damaged over time, so make sure you get it fixed if you find it is broken.
  • Lower the water level of your pool during the off season.
  • Test the water’s chemical levels and adjust to optimal levels.
  • Drain all the water from your pool’s pump and filter. By doing this, you will avoid damage during harsh winter months where the water in the filter would otherwise freeze and damage the filter or pump.
  • Lubricate all the o-rings, valves, and plugs. Trust me, I know it might sound weird but you’ll thank me when spring rolls around. If you lubricate the o-rings, valves, and plugs, it will be a lot easier to open later on. I had to learn this lesson the hard way.
  • Blow out the lines and plug them with expansion plugs. This will helps to keep your lines from getting damaged during winter. Some people choose to skip this step, but I highly recommend it since it can really save you a lot of money in the long run.

As much as I’d like to say that’s it, that’s not. There’s so much you need to know about taking care of your pool, like what cleaner to buy. A great source for that sort of information is, specifically, their article on automatic pool cleaners.

Mr. Cleaning is not limited to pool cleaning though. You can find great information on all types of cleaning topics. From computer screens, to wine stains, they cover it all. I have loved it since I found it and just had to share it with yall.

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beard dandruff

How to Eliminate and Prevent Beard Dandruff – Tips By

Whether you want to admit it or not, beard dandruff exists, and if you’re too proud to mention this to someone else, we have this article here to help you rid yourself of beard dandruff quietly. Robert Brown from said “Even some of the most luxurious and lustrous beards out there deal with issues such as drying and beard dandruff”. Thankfully, there are answers you can take advantage of. While the beard may be beautiful, the dry skin underneath is the culprit for the flakes of dandruff you may see. Here are just a few tips on how to eliminate and reduce the amount of beard dandruff you see within your beard.

Make Sure to Exfoliate

According to Robert Brown, one of the most important things you can do in order to reduce and prevent beard dandruff is to exfoliate your beard with a brush. If you aren’t keen into being high-maintenance, you may be wondering, “what the heck is that?” In short, exfoliating is typically the second step in a beard and skin care regimen; however, if you want to reduce dandruff, you’ll want to perform this step first and then step into your shower to help clean everything off – like the dry skin underneath your beard. Just because there is hair laying on top now, doesn’t mean you should be neglecting the skin underneath. After all, without the healthy skin and hair follicles underneath, your beard will not and wouldn’t be as beautiful.

Cleansing the Skin with a Lactic-Acid Cleanser

Next, Robert Brown from said you should look into a lactic-acid cleanser to ensure that you’re cleansing well. Even though it sounds like it’ll hurt your skin, it actually won’t, and it encourages the dead skin to fall off and soothe your smooth skin. You can also use these on harsher areas of your body like your feet and even your hands if you’re someone who uses them a lot and suffers from dry skin. As for your beard, using this with a brush will remove the ready to flake skin away from your beard and face, and will then remove the rest of the dead skin from underneath your beard. You’ll want to perform this step while you’re in the shower, post-beard lather. Make sure to wash it all off! Always make sure you purchase something that you’re NOT allergic to!

Don’t Forget About the Beard Oil

You may have heard your friends talking about specific oils that they use on their face. Thankfully, oil is a much better alternative to moisturizer, as moisturizer can become too goopy and may miss spots within your beard. They don’t work as well with beard brush bristles, either, so oil is the way to go since it’s sleeker and better to run through. Oils come with a plethora of antioxidant and moisturizing properties, as well as natural oils for keeping your face hydrated even if you miss a few days. It’s worth mentioning that typically, oils like this can help your beard hair become more moisturized and softer. If you suffer from dry and coarse beard hair with rogue strays, finding the best oil may be something you should look towards. If you’re wondering how to apply, it depends entirely on the oil you purchase, but generally it will come down to your beard length. For short beards, you’ll want two pumps, and three pumps for larger beards. You’ll want to comb this oil through, but make sure to distribute evenly.

The End

Ultimately, you’ll want to find a perfect beard regimen to help reduce your beard dandruff, as well as product that work perfectly with your plump and legendary beard. Always make sure to take care of the skin underneath your beard and you’ll see almost an immediate decrease in the dandruff that floats around in your beard. Remember, you should also know that when you’re able to treat and keep the hair follicles underneath healthy, your beard will grow a bit more naturally because of the encouragement of health. Beyond this, you’ll see that your overall beard hair is much cleaner, smoother, and will glisten like it should have been in the first place. Without the hair follicles underneath performing as best as they can, your beard wouldn’t be where it is today, and like it will be in the future.

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Baby Care Mentor

Are You Pregnant? You Need To Read This Site

Every parent wants the best for their kid, it’s only natural. However, knowing what is best is not always natural. And what is best for one family, may not be the best for another. For example, a kid with a soy allergy definitely shouldn’t eat any soy, but for a kid without any type of soy allergy, soy can be a good source of additional protein. The sheer volume of responsibility may be very overwhelming, and when you need a helping hand, and no one is around, Baby Care Mentor is there for you. – A Site You Must Read is a site designed specifically to help parents, new and veterans. Baby Care Mentor offers great advice from friendly faces you can trust because they care. I recently reached out to a contributor for the site to ask them why they do what they do.

“Babies are a gift from God. So many people are uninformed on what exactly it takes to raise a baby. And everyone, even parents who already have 2 or 3 kids, can use a little help every now and then.”

Her words really resonated with me and made me think about when I was pregnant. It was a very stressful experience and I wish I would’ve had a website like Baby Care Mentor to help guide me along the way.

Friends and family are great, but they will often times push their own ideas and theories on you instead of just unbiased facts. And that’s exactly what mine were doing, but they were all telling me different things.

“Don’t stop breastfeeding before she’s 1 year old.”

“You should stop breastfeeding after she gets a tooth.”

“You’ll spoil her if you pick her up as soon as she cries.”

“She’ll hate you when she’s older if you let her cry it out.”

It got really confusing and overwhelming, but it was a problem I had to learn to deal with. With Baby Care Mentor, that problem is pretty much nonexistent. Baby Care Mentor provides you with solid, clear advice that doesn’t overwhelm you. And, because they know every family is different, instead of directly telling you what to do, they give guiding advice. It is never a “do this or your kid will be messed up” kind of tone. Instead it’s a really friendly, helpful tone.

Whether you are unaware of how to do something, like pick the best day care, or you need to know how different brands of diapers compare to one another, you can find it at They have such a wide array of content that it is hard not to get lost on their site for hours. No matter what age your kid is, there is something for you on the site. They guide you from birth through the toddler stage, and throughout most of their childhood.

A really cool part of the site is how well it is broken up. It is broken into 5 main sections, and most of them have subsections, making it even easier to find exactly what you are looking for. So, instead of wasting time searching or aimlessly browsing, you can go right to the section you want.

Personally, my favorite part of the site is that it works perfectly on mobile. I am not always near my computer, but I always have my phone on me so it is super easy to pull up. This comes in handy when you are trying to feed a squirmy baby without sending food flying all over the place. It is very easy to navigate on your smartphone, so if you keep it bookmarked, you can pull it up in just a few seconds and find what you need.

Although they do not actually sell anything directly on the site, or have any products, they always link out to the products they recommend. This is also extremely helpful, because if you are interested in one of the products they recommend, instead of having to search for the product you want on the vast internet, you you can just click on the link and get to it directly. I find it really helpful when I can find what I want right away, rather than searching and wondering if it’s the same model or the exact same product from the site.

Overall, Baby Care Mentor can be extremely helpful, and can even make an improvement on your life. With a small child on your hands all day, any kind of improvement is surely welcome.

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hair growth

Old Secrets for the Healthy Hair and the Hair Growth that You Should Know

The story of this wonderful woman is full of magic, grace and secrets. A stunningly beautiful lady riding horseback with the hair fully covering her body has inspired poets for many centuries. Being an example of female chastity and devotion she is also symbolizing every woman’s dream to have beautiful dreadlocks. Yes, Lady Godiva had gorgeous hair and it is not hard to understand that she had to take proper care of it. During the days of Medieval England she had no chance to enjoy the professional hair shampoos and conditioners. Hardly she could buy the miracle food supplements as well. How she did it? How could a woman keep her hair in a condition to be still remembered generations after her time?

The answer is simple-she lived a healthy way and ate healthy food. There has been no trichologists in medieval times, but women had been using a wide range of natural methods to protect their hair. They might still be of some interest today.

1. Lady Godiva was married and lived a quality life.

She had no addictions to caffeine, nicotine or alcohol and was keeping her dignity all her time. Let us remember that our hair reacts to the changes of life style faster than we expect. For example-a stress or traumatic event makes the capillaries of your scalp constrict. If the stress continues repeatedly, the capillaries tend to stay constricted every time this event occurs. The usage of Nicotine or Caffeine aggravates the situation as they affect the blood vessels the same way. The hair follicles start suffering from improper blood circulation and the regrowth of new hair turns sluggish.

2. Lady Godiva must have used a wooden hair comb.

In fact European women used hair accessories made from wood, ivory or bone in medieval times. They usually did not have sharp edges. Women also used to brush their hair at least 100 strokes before bedtime and this habit has still been popular until the last century. These two things assured a perfect massage of the scalp and must have forced the growth of the hair the natural way ensuring good blood circulation. Wood or bone combs did not damage the hair and kept the skin of scalp intact from injuries, which is not guaranteed by the combs and brushes of these days. Today’s medicine still recommends the scalp massage in cases of severe hair slink.

3. Being a self respecting married woman of the middle ages, she must have been covering her hair.

Everybody knows that exposure to direct sun is dangerous to skin. Ultraviolet rays of direct sunlight hurt the hair same way as they hurt skin. They change the structure of the hair making them brittle and fade. The cold weather and wind cause scalp circulation problems through constriction of capillaries. That is why you should protect your head from direct sunlight on the beach or high in the mountains.

4. The Medieval woman did not wash her hair every day and she did not use a hair dryer.

Lady Godiva must have used the soap plants, natural soaps and medicinal herbs to wash her hair. In fact, the more often you wash your hair, the more sebum is produced by sebaceous glands of your scalp. The best way is to wash your hair no more often than two times a week. If your hair is extremely dry, the best way is to wash it once in two weeks with a soft water. The easiest way to soften hard water is to boil it and add a sprinkle of lemon juice into it. You will not over stimulate the sebaceous glands and the hair will get less oily if you keep it washing this way. The usage of quality shampoos containing natural oils might be beneficial as well. All devices that mechanically, thermally or chemically affect your hair will finally damage it.

Remember that constant usage of these devices reduce the natural hair growth and leads to the thinning or loss of hair. Your hair grows at a rate of only 1 cm a month. That means that the hair that is 12 cm length shows the marks of the treatments received throughout the whole year. I think this fact should indicate that Lady Godiva must have been an extremely caring woman. Some tricks of folklore medicine might still help you today. You might try to use the common plants like chamomile and onion to take care of your scalp and have a shiny and healthy hair. Cold infusion of onion skin (1 part onion and 20 parts of water) or cold chamomile tea applied regularly to the scalp is told to improve the natural growth of your hair and is still believed to provide a healthy look for it. Keep in mind that they have a mild coloring effect and will give your hair a golden shade. If you add 2 spoonfuls of vinegar to 1 liter of the rinse water, the dark colored hair most probably will get shiny as well.

5. The last thing to be mentioned is the healthy diet.

Medieval women were eating beans, peas, eggs, and fish mostly. These products as well as curd and cheese are the natural sources of methionine, which is vital for the growth of skin cells, nails, and hair. Nuts and berries were also a big part in their diet, providing daily doses of oils and vitamins. I am sure that you might also benefit from consuming those products more often.

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